General Info


This is purely a place where I can document the songs and lyrics which I love. Nothing more than that, really. No rhyme or reason to what’s on here, either. I have a habit of becoming obsessed with a song for a while (and there are some that last a long time) but they don’t ever really go away. Yes, I’m particular when it comes to my favourites. I will not deny that. However there are new favourites that are introduced each day and my lists are always expanding. I’m also always looking for new music

I’ve been listening to, and loving, music since I was little. I’m one of those people who you see on the street, on transit, at work, with headphones in their ears. Listening, non-stop, to music just for me.

Even when there isn’t music playing I’m still hearing music. Quite often I’ll start humming or singing along to whatever music is playing in my head. For me music equals comfort. As long as there is a song in my head, or my heart, I’m not as alone as I feel.

Here’s where the standard disclaimer works its way into this blog. To make sure I don’t get into trouble for just loving songs written by other people.

All lyrics used here are only intended for personal use, educational use and keeping track of work that I enjoy. No copyright infringement is intended and all songs remain the property and copyright of the original artists and writers. Songs were obtained by various sources on the internet and I do not guarantee their accuracy or error-proof. I grab them when I see them and correct what I can, otherwise they’re as is. Songs will be removed if there are issues with re-posting lyrics.