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Flying Home (Brenda’s Song): Chantal Kreviazuk

It’s hard to let you go You’ve always let me in And helped with all the endings And you know where to begin I need you here for me Cuz you always know my heart I can’t believe we’d change Or have to be apart But if you’ve seen the love that’s in her eyes […]

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M : Chantal Kreviazuk

They must mean business To say there’s nothing worse Then to let your precious love child Leave the planet first ‘Cause oh they’ve got to just let her go All the things that you swear you’re gonna do Reservations on the next train to the moon Pack your things ’cause there ain’t no time to […]

In This Life: Chantal Kreviazuk

Let me show you what I’m made of Good intentions are not enough To get me through today And this life You’re in the basement Watching the TV I’m on the second floor Watching the ceiling We sleep underneath the same big sky at night And dream the same dream we can fly You can […]

Ghosts of You : Chantal Kreviazuk

We were occupied I never had to go outside I was your alibi We were planning our escape We stayed up all night With Lucy in the diamond sky Drank cheap red wine And tucked ourselves to sleep CHORUS Please don’t go These ghosts of you The only thing that help get me through the […]