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My Mistakes: The HDRC

If you count on my mistakes I would have to walk away I just could not take another yesterday I’ve not the strength to fade away now if I admit defeat tell me what then will that mean will I cease to be or will I be redeemed or will it be the end of […]

Sentimental Me: The HDRC

Yesterday came and went like any other day and I close my eyes and I looked away yesterday came and went like any other day and somethings changed and I can’t explain it And when the sun has faded maybe it’s the sentimental me everyone has got some of that and it’s alright here to […]

Surface of the Sun – The HDRC

You may sit and cry on this lonely night waiting around playing with fire but it’s alright the best part you ain’t got to yet you may not decide if it’s wrong or right with you’re less than perfect life tonight but it’s alright you’ll figure it out yourself curiosity got the best of me […]