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Beautiful Blue ~ Holly McNarland

From the picture on the wall To the bed posts that touched them all This is where I live This is where I do my screaming How do you say I loved you in so many other ways This is where I live This is what I do best Dreaming with so much ugliness Waking […]

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I Cry ~ Holly McNarland

I sat there tight lipped angry Wide open lead her from where I am I stand here thinking with you I’ve missed you Can you feel me hold your hand? Hold your hand? Would I die on a night like this? Would I cry for what you did? Are you swollen from your guilty thoughts […]

UFO ~ Holly McNarland

Let me tell you a story It’s not all it’s cracked up to be About a UFO in a dream I only hear my own voices Don’t have many choices Like a dog in a parking lot My body feels long And my legs are as smooth as candy I’m as liquid as the sea […]

More ~ Holly McNarland

so i want you more more than thought was here was here where you loved me you loved me without speech without speech you take me take me into your world your world is where i’m safe i’m safe with only you with you i’m myself with you i’m myself unaware unaware unaware love are […]